By Roland Bourdeix, Malua Solinuu. Valerie Saena Tuia and Alofa Leuluaialii

This website returns the information collected during four scientific visits conducted in 2001, 2010, 2012 and 2017 on behalf the Ministry of Agriculture of Samoa, the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network, the Secretatiat of the South Pacific Community, the Global Crop Diversity Trust, Bioversity International, CIRAD (French Centre for Agricultural Research and Development), the Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific (CIDP project) and the Darwin Initiative "Saving Pacific Coconuts".

1984: The first coconut varietal contest organized in Samoa

When in Samoa in Nuu Research Center, Dr R. Bourdeix discovered in the archives than a previous and more simple coconut varietal contest have been organized in 1984 by the senior officer Kenneeth Newton. 
Farmers were asked to submit 10 matures fruits, and the criteria was the percentage of fresh meat on the total weighes of the fruits.